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We are keen to find a solution, for every customer.

Our Engineers have specialized knowledge and experience, addressing our client’s problems regarding Exhaust gas analysis,
Engine performance, Vibration and Noise measurements. We also offer a complete underwater service package.


Exhaust gas analysis

  • Exhaust gas measurements, including O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, particulate matter, temperature, exhaust gas velocity and current environmental parameters.
  • Processing of the above values and parameters.
  • Evaluation of exhaust gas parameters suppression, if limit values are exceeded.
  • Recommendations for exhaust gas parameters suppression and engine performance improvement.

Engine performance

  • Maintenance evaluation of Marine Engines. Optimal recommendations for implementation of a dynamic maintenance program.
  • Exhaust gas history log for every engine, in order to estimate the causes of the deviation.
  • Engine performance evaluation through pressure-crank angle diagram process.

Vibration measurements

  • Determination of vibration levels of the vessel’s engine room, main engine, gear box, diesel generators, hull and decks, according to the RMRS regulations in item 1.5 Part II “Hull”, 9.3 Part VII “Machinery installations”, ISO 10816-6, ISO 20283-2, ISO 20283-3, ISO 20283-4, ISO 20283-5.
  • Recommendations for  repairs on the above equipment before and after vibration measurements.
  • Vibration measurements performed at different main engine loads, instead of only NCR and MCR, in order to determine the satisfactory results of the repairs.
  • Measurement points chosen for optimal detailed results to guide repairs.

Noise measurements

  • Sound measurements conducted on a vessel or in the work environment in order to quantify the noise levels and whether they comply with international Standards.
  • The acoustic indexes that were measured are: Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Stdr Dev, L99, L95, L90, L10 & L1. The time duration for each measurement point is determined according to the application. The mean logarithmic value of
    each index is calculated.

Underwater services

Our Engineers are certified divers according to BS EN ISO 15618 for underwater welding/inspections. Moreover, we collaborate with specialized professionals in undertaking underwater cleaning, equipment inspection, problem identification and solving, offering a complete underwater service package.

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