The company

K.G. Engineering P.C. is a Private Company equally shared to two Mechanical Engineers:

  • Papadopoulos Konstantinos, BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering University of Hertfordshire, MSc Mechanical Engineering University of Portsmouth, also specialized in Electrical Engineering.
  • Zovanos Georgios, BSc Aeronautical Engineering University of Patras, PhD Candidate of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), thesis on the correlation between the diesel engine performance with the flue gas emissions and the specific fuel consumption.


K.G. Engineering P.C. was established in 21.06.2012 (FEK 86Α’/11.04.2012), based on the Municipality of Athens, 68 Mesogeion Av., 11527. The company was established in the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens, Greece, GEMI number 121430901000.


The company offers and provides project reports of large Diesel Generating Sets (D. G Sets), which include fuel feed circuits, steam circuits, desalinated and sea cooling water circuits, electrical feeds, as well as soundproofing, fire safety ect.

Moreover, the company uses special instruments in order to provide measurements, calibration and efficiency improvement of nautical diesel engines, through flue gas measurements and engine performance ect.

The company also offers electromechanical, environmental reports and underwater projects referring to inspections, welding, cleaning ect.

Quality Policy

Our company’s philosophy and policy, aims to correspond to current market needs, by continuing quality enhancement of means, personnel and processes. Our objective pertains to environmental economy and development, primarily using prevention via applying international standards, as well as the laws and rules of craftsmanship and science. In this respect the company is equipped with the most up to date instruments conforming to international standards.


We have completed projects of the Island Generation Department (DPAN), a subdivision of the Hellenic Public Power Corporation (PPC), in power plants on various Hellenic islands.

In the private sector we have completed and supervised mechanical engineering projects, structural analysis of indoor and outdoor playgrounds, obtaining patents ect.